A Non-Profit Trade Organization for the Bridal Retailer


“How to keep from being overstocked?”
“What kinds of promotions really work?”
“Is there an iron clad contract for customers?”
“How to hire and keep good employees?”
“How other stores successfully manage their alterations departments?”
“Am I the only one…?”


“A network of industry professionals who really understand?”
“To feel more comfortable and productive at markets?”
“A ready supply of ideas to help your business?”


MBBA is a non-profit organization for bridal industry professionals just like you! Our goals are to develop personal business relationships, to support bridal markets, and to promote stronger business relationships with other industry professionals through education and an exchange of ideas. Formed in 1982, and incorporated in 1986, membership is not limited to the Midwest. Each fall at the Chicago market we hold our annual convention where we gather for seminars and social events that promote education and profitability. We also get together for an annual summer meeting and at the Americasmart Prom Market in Atlanta. Members receive a monthly newsletter and daily emails with questions, advice and timely news items. Membership costs $175 annually and is limited to one store per 50 mile radius